What to bring?

  • Referral letter from your GP

How long will the appointment take?

  • It is good to allow 30 minutes - 1 hour for the appointment. Please note that acute patient appointments may take longer.
  • Unexpected delays can occur. If there is a delay that affects your appointment time, our reception team will advise you as soon as possible so you can choose to make another booking if you are unable to wait.

What you need to do beforehand

  • If you have breast implants please tell our reception team at the time of making your appointment so that we can allow extra time for your appointment.
  • If you always have a breast ultrasound - please let us know at the time of making your appointment so that time can be booked for this also.
  • Please advise if you are unsure if you have had an ultrasound and we will check your medical records. Please let us know if your last mammogram was completed by another provider and we will source the previous images so that our radiologist can compare the pictures (this is very important).
  • Remove all deodorant, perfume and do not use talcum powder.
  • We provide a range of antiperspirants for you to use and we have wet towels for the removal of any products you may have used that day.
  • It is a good idea to wear a skirt or trousers (rather than a dress) for comfort.

What to expect at this appointment

  • You will be welcomed by our reception team who will collect your form and ask you to take a seat in our waiting room. A female clinical assistant will take you to the change area where you will change into a gown (opens at the front).
  • When you are ready and comfortable, the radiographer (also known as a mammographer) will take x-rays of each breast.  Each x-ray only takes a few seconds.  The radiographer will check that the pictures are not blurry and that all of your breast tissue is shown on the x-rays.
  • At Auckland Breast Centre we use 3D mammography technology called Tomosynthesis.  Tomosynthesis delivers high-quality images resulting in more reliable diagnoses and will take 30 seconds per breast at the same time as the mammogram.  While the mammogram is being taken, each breast will be compressed between two flat plates on the x-ray machine.
  • Compressing the breast only lasts for a few seconds. Some women may experience discomfort, however if you experience pain during the mammogram you should let the radiographer know.
  • Please advise your radiographer if you have sensitive breasts or breast implants. Your radiographer will work with you to make sure that the mammogram is as comfortable as possible.

What happens next?

  • After your mammogram, you will return to the waiting area while our x-rays will be reviewed onsite by a specially trained radiologist.  Your previous x-rays will be compared to your new ones.
  • The radiologist will show you the images and advise you of the findings.
    Your GP will also receive a copy of your results within a week. You may ask for a copy of the report to be sent to you as well for your records.
  • You will be recalled for a routine mammogram in one year.  Less than 1% of women who attend regular breast screening are found to have breast cancer.

Payment options and insurance

  • Payment is required on the day as we do not offer an account service.
  • Please note that if you are required to have a breast ultrasound there will be an extra charge.
  • If you have private medical insurance you may wish to ring your insurer and obtain prior approval or you can claim using your receipt.
  • Please bring your prior approval number with you on the day - at the end of your procedure an invoice will be given to you to post to your insurer. (Payment is expected from your insurer within 4 weeks of the mammogram appointment).

Have questions?

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