We offer breast screening for women under 40 years who are experiencing concerning symptoms and have a doctors referral.

If you are experiencing any concerning symptoms please see your GP prior to making an appointment with us.



The first stage of breast screening is a mammogram.

A mammogram is an x-ray of the breast tissue and will only be performed on patients above 40 years of age, or if required those with a doctors referral. 

3D Digital Mammography called Tomosynthesis will be performed along side your usual mammogram. 

Screening mammography is the only modality shown to reduce breast cancer deaths in all age groups from 40 years and above. 

Read more about Mammography here

After your mammogram, you will return to the waiting area while your x-rays will be reviewed onsite by a  radiologist.  Your previous x-rays will be compared to your new ones. 



The next step of breast screening is an ultrasound.

This is a supplementary screening for those who have dense breasts or are experiencing any symptoms and have a doctors referral. 

If an ultrasound is required after your mammogram this will be discussed with you by the doctor.

If you have had breast screening before you will be advised when booking your appointment if an ultrasound is recommend.

Those under 40 years with a doctors referral, or who are pregnant or currently breastfeeding will only have an ultrasound scan.


After your appointment

The Radiologist will show you the images and advise you of the findings.

Your GP will also receive a copy of your results within a week.

You may ask for a copy of the report to be sent to you as well for your records.

You will be recalled for a routine mammogram in one year. 

Less than 1% of women who attend regular breast screening are found to have breast cancer.


Next Steps

If the doctor finds anything concerning during your screening, we will discuss with you the following possibilities.

  • A biopsy of the area
  • Follow-up screening over the coming months
  • An appointment with one of our Breast Specialists